YOU can time them with a sundial, but the past greats of the game put on an absolute show in the 23rd annual EJ Whitten Legends game at Adelaide Oval on Friday night.

The All Stars reigned supreme with a hard-fought 12-point victory over Victoria – 1.15.10 (109) to 2.12.7 (97).

It evens the ledger at 11 wins each to go with one draw.

Inaugural Crow Andrew Jarman threw his considerable weight around.

After chowing down on a piece of cake on the bench, Jarman swallowed up Jude Bolton with a crunching tackle.

Jarman then lassoed an unsuspecting Tom Lonergan to the ground before slotting the goal and saluting to the crowd.

As if it couldn't get any better, Jarman pushed off Campbell Brown, grubbering the ball off the ground as it bounced through the big sticks after six bounces from the Eddie Betts pocket.

Jarman was a worthy recipient of the EJ Whitten Medal at the youthful age of 52.

Former Crows high flyer Tony Modra wound back the clock with a vintage performance.

A year short of his 50th birthday, Modra kicked four goals and sat on Jess Sinclair's shoulders like it was 1993.

Only problem was, Modra went up in the air when Malcolm Turnbull was still the Prime Minister.

And like Turnbull, left empty handed.

As was the case last year, dual Norm Smith Medallist Andrew McLeod glided across the ground with ease, delivering a beautiful pass on the chest of his old mate Modra.

Joel Smith was Victoria's standout, kicking three goals and a supergoal – launching a 55m torpedo to bring his side back to within five points in the last term.

But Daniel Motlop responded with his second goal of the game, having also kicked a supergoal, to seal victory for the All Stars.

Essendon great Dustin Fletcher must be considering an AFL comeback if the extended goal-square gets the green light, the 400-gamer launching 65m torpedos from kick-ins.

Shaun Smith, sporting plenty of salt and pepper up top, attempted to wind back the clock from his mark of the century in 1995.

But his 49-year-old legs didn't have the spring of yesteryear no matter how many times he tried to get cleared for liftoff.

It took a delicious banana kick from Victoria captain Brad Johnson to put the visitors in front – 54-49 – for the first time in the second quarter.

The All Stars needed a spark, and they got it from Darryl White.

The former Brisbane excitement machine shook his defender out of his boots, then defied logic to slot a goal hard up against the right-hand pocket.

Rain poured down in the last term to add another challenge to the already questionable skills of the players.

Of course, there was a serious reason to the night's festivities, as has been the case in all 23 Legends games – to raise funds and awareness for men's prostate cancer.

It was the second time the game had been played in Adelaide, and the first since 1999.

ALL STARS       1.4.4    1.6.5    1.11.7     1.15.10 (109)
VICTORIA        1.4.2    1.8.5    1.11.6     2.12.7 (97)

All Stars: Motlop
Victoria: C. Johnson, Smith 

All Stars: Modra 4, Jarman 2, Motlop 2, Ebert, Lake, White, Staker, Mooney, McLeod, McGrath
Victoria: Smith 3, Lappin 3, B. Johnson 2, Brown, Bolton, Liberatore, Giansiracusa

All Stars Andrew Embley and Daniel Motlop celebrate a goal.  Picture: AFL Photos

Double-barrel Darryl White celebrates a goal.  Picture: AFL Photos

Tony Liberatore tries in vain to get Andrew Jarman off him.  Picture: AFL Photos

Daniel Harford streams through the middle of the ground in total control.  Picture: AFL Photos

Former Saint and Hawk Joel Smith has little trouble sidestepping Mark Bickley.  Picture: AFL Photos