Eddie Betts
From Carlton Age 26 Height 173cm Weight 73kg Position Small forward Games 184 
Official AFL Player Ratings rank 99
What he brings Signed as a free agent, Betts will be a constant threat at Taylor Walker's feet, but can also be an effective small lead-up target in his own right. Will add an extra dimension to a Crows forward line that struggled at times for scoring avenues in 2013.

James Podsiadly
From Geelong Age 32 Height 193cm Weight 100kg Position key forward Games 83 
Official AFL Player Ratings rank 177
What he brings The veteran will be a nice foil for No.1 key forward Walker, easing the pressure on younger big men Josh Jenkins, Lewis Johnston and Tom Lynch, while at the same time helping to fast-track their development. 

Draft pick No.23 (from Melbourne)

Traded: Bernie Vince (Melbourne), pick No.64 (Geelong)
Retired/delisted: Graham Johncock, Tim Klaosen (rookie), Tim McIntyre (rookie), Dylan Orval (rookie)

NAB AFL Draft picks: 23, 46, 82

Analysis: Betts is a great addition, and the Crows did well to beat North Melbourne for his signature, while Podsiadly should be handy too. Missed out on Jared Polec, who chose Port Adelaide, and Shaun Edwards, who went to Essendon. Fans will be sad to lose Vince, but it was important for Adelaide to get at least one pick in the top 30 at the NAB AFL Draft.

New Crow Eddie Betts with partner Anna and young son, Lewis, outside AFL House. Picture: AFL Media

Jackson Paine
From Collingwood Age 20 Height 194cm Weight 97kg Position Key forward Games
Official AFL Player Ratings rank 623
What he brings He's probably not the answer as Jonathan Brown's replacement, but he will give the veteran some valuable tall support inside 50. Has a good set of hands and a presence in the air. 

Trent West
From Geelong Age 26 Height 199cm Weight 102kg Position Ruck Games 54 
Official AFL Player Ratings rank 249
What he brings A replacement for Billy Longer, West will be a ready-made back-up for Matthew Leuenberger in the ruck. No superstar, but can play a role.

Draft picks No.22 (from Greater Western Sydney), No.25 (from St Kilda), No.28 (from West Coast), No.33 (from Carlton) and No.34 (from Port Adelaide).

Traded: Sam Docherty (Carlton), Elliot Yeo (West Coast), Billy Longer (St Kilda), Jared Polec (Port Adelaide), Patrick Karnezis (Collingwood), picks No.29 (Greater Western Sydney) and No.45 (Port Adelaide)
Retired/delisted: Callum Bartlett (rookie), Simon Black, Niall McKeever, Stephen Wrigley (rookie), Richard Newell (rookie)

NAB AFL Draft picks: 7, 22, 25, 28, 33, 34, 63, 81

Analysis: The Lions would love to have acquired more ready-made players to replace their stream of departing youngsters, but had to settle for Paine and a glut of second-round draft picks. This puts them in a good position for the upcoming NAB AFL Draft, but won't help the club's hopes of improving on last season's 12th-place finish. Securing West cheaply as a replacement for Longer was a good move. Might also sign Luke McGuane as a delisted free agent if, as has been tipped, he is cut by Richmond. 

Sam Docherty
From Brisbane Lions Age 20 Height 184cm Weight 84kg Position Half-back Games 13 
Official AFL Player Ratings rank 517
What he brings Although he's yet to firmly establish himself as an AFL player, Docherty has shown enough to suggest he has a big future at the top level. A good kick and strong decision-maker, he'll give the Blues some extra class with ball in hand.

Andrejs Everitt
From Sydney Swans Age 24 Height 194cm Weight 89kg Position Utility Games 79 
Official AFL Player Ratings rank 238
What he brings A bit of everything. He's a jack-of-all-trades type who can go forward and take a mark, or run around in the middle of the ground.

Dale Thomas
From Collingwood Age 26 Height 185cm Weight 86kg Position Midfield Games 157 
Official AFL Player Ratings rank 200
What he brings Exactly what coach Mick Malthouse was after – midfield dash. Provided he can get his ankle right, Thomas will be a great addition to the Blues' midfield, and can also slip forward and kick goals.

Draft pick No.39 (from the Sydney Swans)

Free agency/traded: Eddie Betts (Adelaide), Shaun Hampson (Richmond), picks No.32 (received from Richmond, on-traded to the Sydney Swans) and No.33 (Brisbane Lions)
Retired/delisted: Andrew Collins (rookie), Frazer Dale (rookie), Marcus Davies, Aaron Joseph, Patrick McCarthy, Luke Mitchell, Rhys O'Keeffe (rookie)

NAB AFL Draft picks: 13, 39, 51, 69, 87

Analysis: The Blues' highly anticipated list renovation has turned out to be more of a re-decoration, but Thomas and Docherty are nice additions to a list in desperate need of some polish, and Everitt adds versatility. Betts is a significant loss, and the club is still in need of a quality key forward – but they aren't easy to find.

Taylor Adams
From Greater Western Sydney Age 20 Height 179cm Weight 84kg Position Midfield Games 31 
Official AFL Player Ratings rank 277
What he brings The former Geelong Falcon should be a 10-year midfielder for the Magpies. Small of stature but hard and tough, he is a clearance specialist who can slot straight into the senior team.

Patrick Karnezis
From Brisbane Lions Age 21 Height 190cm Weight 88kg Position Half-forward/midfield Games 21 
Official AFL Player Ratings rank 601
What he brings It's hard to know exactly what Karnezis will produce at the Magpies, given he showed glimpses of talent but received few senior opportunities at the Lions. Has the potential to develop into a damaging big-bodied midfielder, but is likely to settle in as a high half-forward initially.

Jesse White
From Sydney Swans Age 25 Height 196cm Weight 102kg Position Key forward Games 71 
Official AFL Player Ratings rank 363
What he brings Likely to take over from veteran Quinten Lynch as Travis Cloke's forward line foil. White is athletic, can take a mark and has a booming kick. 

Pick No.6 (from West Coast)

Free agency/traded: Dale Thomas (Carlton), Heath Shaw (Greater Western Sydney), Jackson Paine (Brisbane Lions), picks No.11, No.31, No.49 (West Coast) and No.44 (received from West Coast, then on-traded to the Sydney Swans)
Retired/delisted: Alan Didak, Michael Hartley (rookie), Ben Johnson, Darren Jolly, Andrew Krakouer, Ben Richmond (rookie), Jordan Russell  

NAB AFL Draft picks: 6, 10, 67, 85

Analysis: An outstanding trade period from Derek Hine and his team, who made the most of the losses of Shaw and Thomas by securing a ready-to-go young midfielder and a top 10 draft pick. White and Karnezis are a bit more speculative, but have the potential to make an impact. Taking retirements and delistings into account, the Magpies have lost over 1100 games' experience, and will need their youngsters to continue to improve in 2014.

Giant Taylor Adams was traded to Collingwood in exchange for half-back Heath Shaw. Picture: AFL Media

Kurt Aylett
From Greater Western Sydney Age 21 Height 188cm Weight 78kg Position Half-back Games
Official AFL Player Ratings rank 714
What he brings Still a bit of an unknown at AFL level, given injuries blighted his time at the Giants. Has good speed and endurance, so should offer a dose of outside run and rebound from defence.

Paul Chapman
From Geelong Age 31 Height 179cm Weight 89kg Position Midfield/forward Games 251 
Official AFL Player Ratings rank 88
What he brings If his hamstrings hold up, the three-time premiership Cat could play a major role in making the Bombers genuine contenders next season. A proven champion who can win games out of the centre or in front of goal.

Shaun Edwards
From Greater Western Sydney Age 19 Height 189cm Weight 81kg Position Utility Games 12 
Official AFL Player Ratings rank 567
What he brings The young Northern Territorian is versatile – able to play as a mid-sized forward or back, or even through the midfield. Known for his athleticism and high-marking ability, he will be given time to develop.

Draft picks No.26 (from Western Bulldogs) and No.55 (from Fremantle)  

Traded: Stewart Crameri (Western Bulldogs), Scott Gumbleton (Fremantle), pick No.48 (Greater Western Sydney) and No.84 (Geelong)
Retired/delisted: Luke Davis, David Hille, Hal Hunter (rookie), Nathan Lovett-Murray

NAB AFL Draft picks: 26, 55, 66

Analysis: The Bombers played hardball on Crameri for nearly three weeks, but eventually accepted the Western Bulldogs' initial offer, believing it was better to receive something than nothing. Aylett and Edwards came cheap and have the potential to be long-term contributors, and Paul Chapman is a star. All in all, a good effort.

Scott Gumbleton
From Essendon Age 25 Height 197cm Weight 99kg Position Key forward Games 35 
Official AFL Player Ratings rank 482
What he brings If he can get fit, Gumbleton could be the contested marking key forward the Dockers have been seeking. Hugely talented, he has been cruelled by injury, and has never really shown his best at Essendon.

Colin Sylvia
From Melbourne Age 27 Height 186cm Weight 86kg Position Midfield Games 157 
Official AFL Player Ratings rank 143
What he brings Supremely talented and can rip a game apart on his day. Those days, however, were too few at Melbourne, where his effort and commitment to the cause were sometimes questioned. If he can reach his best under Ross Lyon, he'll have a big role to play in the 2014 premiership tilt.

Draft pick No.58 (from Melbourne)

Traded: Viv Michie (Melbourne), pick No.55 (Essendon)
Retired/delisted: Jesse Crichton, Peter Faulks, Alex Forster, Alex Howson (rookie), Jayden Pitt, Haiden Schloithe (rookie)

NAB AFL Draft picks: 17, 37, 58, 73, 91

Analysis: As this season showed, the Dockers' list is very nearly premiership-ready, and the additions of Sylvia and Gumbleton should help in the quest to take the next step – provided they can stay fit and in form. A quiet but effective trade and free agency period.

Former Dee Colin Sylvia models his new Fremantle shirt. Picture: Courtesy of FFC

Draft picks No.41 (from Brisbane Lions), No.64 (from Adelaide), No.75 (from Greater Western Sydney) and No.84 (from Essendon)

Traded: Paul Chapman (Essendon), Josh Hunt (Greater Western Sydney), James Podsiadly (Adelaide), Trent West (Brisbane Lions)
Retired/delisted: Joel Corey, Cameron Eardley (rookie)

NAB AFL Draft picks: 16, 36, 41, 54, 64, 72, 75, 84, 90

Analysis: No big or surprising moves from the Cats, who farewelled four veterans and an unwanted ruckman, and will back their young players to continue to improve and keep the club in premiership contention.

Round three Gold Coast compensation pick (from West Coast, originally awarded to Collingwood in 2010 for the loss of Josh Fraser to Gold Coast) – must be used in the 2014 NAB AFL Draft and is tied to where the Magpies finish.

Traded: pick No.43 (West Coast)
Retired/delisted: Jared Brennan, Jacob Gillbee, Kyal Horsley, Liam Patrick, Maverick Weller, Joel Wilkinson

NAB AFL Draft picks: 5, 20, 27, 61, 79

Analysis: Having been a dominant player in the past two trade periods, the Suns were largely content to let other clubs jostle it out this time. The beachside team's only move was to gain an extra pick in next year's draft, dealing away a pick it wouldn't have used this year anyway.

Josh Hunt
From Geelong Age 31 Height 185cm Weight 101kg Position Defender Games 198 
Official AFL Player Ratings rank 218
What he brings Extra experience down back, along with Heath Shaw. Also has a seriously lethal left boot.

Shane Mumford
From Sydney Swans Age 27 Height 198cm Weight 104kg Position Ruck Games 100 
Official AFL Player Ratings rank 149
What he brings One of the AFL's best ruckmen. A big, strong and fierce competitor who will give the Giants a major boost both at stoppages and in aerial contests around the ground. 

Heath Shaw
From Collingwood Age 27 Height 184cm Weight 86kg Position Half-back Games 173 
Official AFL Player Ratings rank 55
What he brings Elite defender whose biggest strengths are his play-reading ability and sharp foot skills. Will provide direction to the young team and some much-needed experience.

Draft picks No.2 and No.76 (from Melbourne), No.14 (from Port Adelaide), No.29 (from the Brisbane Lions), No.48 (from St Kilda), No.78 (from Western Bulldogs)

Traded: Taylor Adams (Collingwood), Kurt Aylett (Essendon), Josh Bruce (St Kilda), Sam Darley (Western Bulldogs), Shaun Edwards (Essendon), Dom Tyson (Melbourne), picks No.9 (Melbourne), No.21 (Port Adelaide), No.22 (received from Melbourne, then on-traded to the Brisbane Lions), and No.39 (Sydney Swans)

Retired/delisted: Dean Brogan, Chad Cornes, Josh Growden, Setanta O'hAilpin, Joe Redfern (rookie), Bret Thornton, Gerald Ugle

NAB AFL Draft picks: 1, 2, 14, 29, 48, 76, 78 

Analysis: A very busy trade period for the Giants. The signings of Shaw and Mumford helped overcome the disappointment of missing out on Lance Franklin, and they might still get Jed Lamb via the pre-season draft. Held on to pick No.1 in the NAB AFL Draft, and by trading Tyson for pick No.2, have guaranteed themselves two future stars. The departure of some young players was to be expected, and will help the club balance out the age profile of its list.

Heath Shaw joined the Giants in a straight swap for Taylor Adams. Picture: AFL Media

Ben McEvoy
From St Kilda Height 200cm Weight 103kg Position Ruck Games 91 
Official AFL Player Ratings rank 67
What he brings A strong and durable ruckman, who is not the most athletic of players but can win plenty of hit-outs, take marks, and push forward to kick goals as well. A great replacement for the retired Max Bailey.
Draft picks No.24 and No.59 (from St Kilda)
Traded/free agency: Shane Savage (St Kilda), Lance Franklin (Sydney Swans), Xavier Ellis (West Coast), pick No.18 (St Kilda), pick No.19 (received as compensation for losing Franklin, on-traded to St Kilda)
Retired/delisted: Max Bailey, Andrew Boseley (rookie), Amos Frank (rookie), Brent Guerra, Michael Osborne
NAB AFL Draft picks: 24, 38, 56, 59, 74, 92
Analysis: Although their forward line was hit by the loss of superstar Franklin to the Swans, the Hawks put their energies into finding a ready-made ruckman to replace Bailey. They were initially linked to homesick Brisbane Lions youngster Billy Longer, before pulling off one of the shocks of the trade period by snaring McEvoy. But they did pay a reasonably hefty price, handing over Savage, giving up a top-20 draft pick, and downgrading another.

Ben McEvoy joined the Hawks in one of the surprise moves of the Trade Period. Picture: AFL Media

Dom Tyson
From Greater Western Sydney Age 20 Height 186cm Weight 81kg Position Midfield Games 13 
Official AFL Player Ratings rank 523
What he brings Plenty of talent and ball-winning ability. But struggled with injuries in his two seasons with the Giants. Missed most of the 2013 season after suffering a serious knee injury last December.
Bernie Vince
From Adelaide Age 28 Height 186cm Weight 87kg Position Midfield Games 129 
Official AFL Player Ratings rank 120
What he brings An ability to win the ball and distribute it effectively. Won Adelaide's best and fairest in 2009 and was best on ground in the 2012 NAB Cup Grand Final.

Viv Michie
From Fremantle Age 21 Height 185cm Weight 85kg Position Midfield Games
Official AFL Player Ratings rank 688
What he brings An ability to win plenty of the ball in contests and outside them. Struggled with injuries in 2011 and 2012, but was very unlucky to play only one AFL game this year. Regularly topped 30 possessions while playing with Peel Thunder in the WAFL and won the club's best and fairest.

Draft pick No.9 (from Greater Western Sydney)
Free agency/traded: Colin Sylvia (Fremantle), picks No.2 and No.20 (Greater Western Sydney), No.23 (received as compensation for losing Sylvia, then on-traded to Adelaide), No.54 (Fremantle), No.72 (GWS)
Retired/delisted: Aaron Davey, Troy Davis, Tom Gillies, Joel Macdonald, David Rodan, James Sellar, Colin Sylvia, Josh Tynan
NAB AFL Draft picks: 9, 40, 57
Analysis: Desperately needed midfielders who could win the ball, and got three good ones, but paid a heavy price in giving up so many top-25 draft picks.

Dom Tyson, a former No.3 draft pick, left the Giants to join Melbourne. Picture: AFL Media

Nick Dal Santo
From St Kilda Age 29 Height 185cm Weight 84kg Position Midfield Games 260 
Official AFL Player Ratings rank 62
What he brings Plenty of class and big-game experience to a midfield full of grunt but in need of a little extra polish. Should take some of the pressure away from Daniel Wells, who has largely carried the load as the team's play-making on-baller in recent times.
Draft pick No.77 (from St Kilda)
Traded: Luke Delaney (St Kilda)
Delisted: Cameron Richardson (rookie), Ben Speight (rookie)
NAB AFL Draft picks: 8 (to be used on father-son Luke McDonald), 30, 47, 65, 77
Analysis: Put all their eggs in the Dal Santo basket and were able to get the deal over the line when St Kilda agreed to make him a free agent. The Roos believe they now have a list to push into the top eight in 2014.

Nick Dal Santo is looking forward to a new challenge with the Kangaroos. Picture: AFL Media

Matt White
From Richmond Age 26 Height 179cm Weight 81kg Position Midfield Games 105 
Official AFL Player Ratings rank 339
What he brings Pace, enthusiasm and a desire to prove himself at the highest level after struggling for consistent opportunities at the Tigers.
Jared Polec
From Brisbane Lions Age 21 Height 188cm Weight 85kg Position Midfield Games 16 
Official AFL Player Ratings rank 474
What he brings A penetrating left boot and the talent that saw the Lions spend the No.5 pick in the 2011 national draft on him.

Draft picks No.21 (from Greater Western Sydney) and No.45 (from the Brisbane Lions)

Traded: Picks No.14 (Greater Western Sydney) and No.34 (Brisbane Lions)
Retired/delisted: Nathan Blee, Danny Butcher (rookie), Brett Ebert, Justin Hoskin (rookie), Darren Pfeiffer (rookie), Nick Salter, Daniel Stewart, Matt Thomas
NAB AFL Draft picks: 21, 45, 52, 70, 88
Analysis: Tied up White early but had to work hard to get Polec. The Power have added some run and skill to a midfield that already had plenty going for it.

Shaun Hampson
From Carlton Age 25 Height 201cm Weight 104kg Position Ruck/forward Games 63 
Official AFL Player Ratings rank 394
What he brings Big men aren't easy to find and, while some queried the price the Tigers paid for Hampson, he should slot in and play an effective dual role for the team as a forward line foil for Jack Riewoldt and ruck support for Ivan Maric. Has shown he is capable of crashing packs and taking contested marks, but needs to do it more consistently. A season uninterrupted by injury would help him do that.

Free agency/traded: Matt White (Port Adelaide), pick 32 (Carlton)
Retired: Shane Tuck

NAB AFL Draft picks: 12, 50, 68, 86

Analysis: A quiet trade period for the Tigers, who are clearly confident their list is on the right track. There are some delistings to come, with Luke McGuane touted to find a new home in Brisbane, and Robin Nahas facing an uncertain future.

Josh Bruce
From Greater Western Sydney Age 20 Height 196cm Weight 94kg Position Key defender Games 14 
Official AFL Player Ratings rank 497
What he brings Another key defensive option for the Saints. A decent pre-season and Bruce should command a berth in the starting 22 for the opening game of the season. 

Luke Delaney
From North Melbourne Age 24 Height 194cm Weight 99kg Position Key defender Games 26 
Official AFL Player Ratings rank 521
What he brings A big defensive presence. The Saints were caught out by big opposition forwards on an almost weekly basis last year, but Delaney can stand those types of players and provide a contest. And he's desperate for the opportunity.

Billy Longer
From Brisbane Lions Age 20 Height 202cm Weight 101kg Position Ruck Games
Official AFL Player Ratings rank 619
What he brings Give him two years and the Saints might forget they traded away the more-than-competent Ben McEvoy, who at 24 was in the prime of his career. Longer is tall and athletic, but probably a year away from becoming the No.1 ruckman. 

Shane Savage
From Hawthorn Age 22 Height 185cm Weight 82kg Position Midfield Games 56 
Official AFL Player Ratings rank 279
What he brings Savage will step straight into St Kilda's midfield as a ready-made replacement for Nick Dal Santo. He has good acceleration, hits the ball hard and can jag a goal on the run. 

Free agency/traded: Nick Dal Santo (North Melbourne), Ben McEvoy (Hawthorn), picks No.25 and No.41 (both to the Brisbane Lions), No.28 (Greater Western Sydney) and No.77 (North Melbourne) 
Retired/delisted: Jason Blake, Justin Koschitzke, Tom Ledger, Jay Lever, Stephen Milne, Jordan Staley
NAB AFL Draft picks: 3, 18, 19, 95

Analysis: Fair play to the Saints. They entered the player exchange period hoping to load up on early picks and they now have three inside the top 20, part of what head of football Chris Pelchen has labelled a "strategic transition". They lost Dal Santo and McEvoy to expedite that process, but traded in Savage to replace Dal Santo and Longer who could be the next McEvoy. And in Delaney and Bruce they have added much needed height and depth to in their back half, an area they were really exposed in as 2013 progressed. 

St Kilda secured Billy Longer on the final day of the Gillette Trade Period. Picture: AFL Media

Lance Franklin
From Hawthorn Age 26 Height 196cm Weight 103kg Position Forward Games 182 
Official AFL Player Ratings rank 10 
What he brings Plenty – but for the $10 million price tag, he'd want to. Franklin is one of the superstars of the game, and will form a devastating combination with Kurt Tippett in the Swans' forward line. Off the field, he is football's most marketable commodity, and will help raise the profile of the sport in Sydney.

Draft picks No.32 (from Carlton) and No.44 (from Collingwood)

Traded: Andrejs Everitt (Carlton), Shane Mumford (Greater Western Sydney), Jesse White (Collingwood), pick No.39 (received from Greater Western Sydney, then on-traded to Carlton)
Retired/delisted: Jude Bolton, Alex Brown, Martin Mattner, Mitch Morton

NAB AFL Draft picks: 15, 32, 35, 44, 53, 71, 89

Analysis: The Swans get a large tick for pulling off the biggest blindside signing in memory, and have enhanced both their premiership and off-field prospects in doing so. The price has been the departure of Mumford, White and Everitt, with Jed Lamb possibly to follow via the pre-season draft. Whether or not that ends up hurting them remains to be seen.

Lance Franklin's move to the Sydney Swans stunned the football world. Picture: AFL Media

Xavier Ellis
From Hawthorn Height 187cm Weight 80kg Position Midfield Games 86 
Official AFL Player Ratings rank 603
What he brings A smart, creative midfielder with excellent disposal, if he can get himself fit. But it is a big 'if'. Has played just 16 games in three years due to various ailments. This is his last chance.
Elliott Yeo
From Brisbane Lions Age 20 Height 189cm Weight 79kg Position Half-back Games 27 
Official AFL Player Ratings rank 353
What he brings An emerging half-back who many believe to be the best of the youngsters to have left the Lions over the summer. He still needs plenty of physical development, but within time will provide run and drive out of defence for the Eagles.

Traded: Picks No.6 and No.44 (both to Collingwood)
Retired/delisted: Brad Dick, Andrew Embley, Ashton Hams, Daniel Kerr, Mark Nicoski, Adam Selwood
NAB AFL Draft picks: 11, 31, 43, 49, 62, 80, 98

Analysis: West Coast needs some pace and Yeo will add that. The Perth boy returns home and shapes as a long-term Eagle and hopefully will be a more reliable option across half-back than the brave, but brittle Beau Waters. Ellis cost the club nothing and shapes as a bonus if he can overcome a crippling injury run. 

Speedy half-back Elliot Yeo was secured by West Coast with pick 28. Picture: AFL Media. 

Stewart Crameri
From Essendon Age 25 Height 190cm Weight 96kg Position Forward Games 57 
Official AFL Player Ratings rank 189
What he brings The ability to kick a goal. Crameri averages 1.8 goals a game and for a team that still relies on the ancient Daniel Giansiracusa to tick the scoreboard over, that alone makes him a good get.

Sam Darley
From Greater Western Sydney Age 20 Height 183cm Weight 80kg Position Half-back Games 13 
Official AFL Player Ratings rank 592
What he brings Flexibility to the Bulldogs' back half with his run and carry and fine disposal. Can also perform run-with roles. Another good get for Brendan McCartney.

Traded: Picks No.26 (Essendon) and No.78 (Greater Western Sydney)
Retired/delisted: Daniel Cross, Nick Lower, Lucas Markovic, Patrick Veszpremi
NAB AFL Draft picks: 4, 42, 60, 96

Analysis: For the first time in the McCartney era, the Bulldogs made a splash, extracting Crameri from the Bombers, where he was an important player. Ideally a second or third forward, if Crameri can average two goals a game in his new colours, he and the club will have done well. Darley gives the side another defensive option.