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Fantasy form watch: Big boys come out to play

Stars bang out ridiculously high scores in round nine

8:44pm  May 19, 2019

BARRETT: Big guns make flag chase a race in five

The contenders flex their muscles, life gets harder for Brendon Bolton and a message for Luke Beveridge

8:28pm  May 19, 2019

Nine things we learned: 2010 Flag-pie still has what it takes

Veteran Pies tall reminds Nathan Buckley what he has to offer, plus more round nine lessons

8:25pm  May 19, 2019

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The 10: round nine's best moments

8:32pm  May 19, 2019

Full post-match: Blues

8:29pm  May 19, 2019

Full post-match: Giants

8:26pm  May 19, 2019

Sliding Doors

The ultimate in ifs, buts and maybes. Each Friday, Damian Barrett walks you through the path your club has chosen – or the one they should have


Sliding Doors: IF you've won a Brownlow Medal ... THEN

Nat Fyfe, Gary Ablett, Devon Smith, and Carlton's backline are all in the Sliding Doors' spotlight

2:29pm May 17, 2019


Sliding Doors: IF you've heard the phrase, 'He has ice in his veins'

Al Clarkson, old rivalries, Melbourne, an AFL rule that's being exploited, and more in the Sliding Doors' spotlight

4:49pm May 10, 2019


Sliding Doors: IF there's been a bigger waste of time and money in 2019 ...

Jack Riewoldt, the Reid brothers, Essendon supporters, Hawthorn, and Melbourne in the Sliding Doors' spotlight

8:55am May 3, 2019


Sliding Doors: IF you wanted to be critical of Dylan Shiel ... THEN

Dylan Shiel, Luke Hodge, the Demons, the Crows, Buddy and more in the Sliding Doors' spotlight

11:40am Apr 26, 2019


Sliding Doors: IF you want to see how to waste at least $400,000 ... THEN

Damian Barrett has questions for St Kilda, Ross Lyon, Gary Ablett and more

4:23pm Apr 19, 2019


Sliding Doors: IF there was a nightmare scenario for Carlton ... THEN

Damian Barrett puts the spotlight on the Tribunal, Carlton, Eddie Betts, Robbie Gray and more

1:43pm Apr 12, 2019


Sliding Doors: IF we're to conspiracy theorise ... THEN

Paul Roos and Ross Lyon and more in the Sliding Doors' spotlight

8:32am Apr 5, 2019


Sliding Doors: IF Toby Greene keeps getting injured ... THEN

Damian Barrett puts the spotlight on GWS, John Worsfold, the MRO, and more

8:26pm Mar 29, 2019


Sliding Doors is back: IF you hate reading this ...

IF ... you add Hogan's off-field problems to Watts' ... THEN

8:55am Mar 22, 2019


Sliding Doors: Trade Period, week two

IF you ask us which team won Trade Period ... THEN

8:28am Oct 19, 2018


Sliding Doors: Trade Period, week one

If there's one thing we won't ever do ... then

7:56am Oct 12, 2018


Sliding Doors: Trade Period

IF the Saints aren’t aware of what Jack Steven is saying ...

8:04pm Oct 5, 2018


Sliding Doors: Grand Final

IF Dahlhaus, Biggs, Smith and Redpath are no longer on the list ...

10:15am Sep 28, 2018


Sliding Doors: finals week three

IF you have managed just 51 matches in eight seasons ... THEN

8:23am Sep 21, 2018


Sliding Doors: finals week two

IF you can get the AFL to approve ripping up May's contract ... THEN

8:21am Sep 14, 2018


Sliding Doors: finals week one

IF a club - let's say Geelong - was to throw a Hail Mary at Jack Steven ...

8:28am Sep 7, 2018


Sliding Doors: before the finals

IF you wade through the unlucky players to miss AA selection ...

9:00am Aug 31, 2018


Sliding Doors: round 23

IF there are two rule changes we demand for 2019 ... THEN

9:30am Aug 24, 2018


Sliding Doors: round 22

IF Gill introduced the post-R23 bye to stop clubs resting players ...

8:15am Aug 17, 2018


Sliding Doors: round 21

IF we tired of one thing during the week ... THEN

8:05am Aug 10, 2018