THERE'S a massive ASADA-shaped asterisk next to most of the Dons' best and brightest in 2015.

You can at least start by locking in Brendon Goddard (FWD/MID, $550,000) for your NAB AFL Fantasy squad – the former Saint is back with dual-position status this year. A repeat of 2014's impressive average of 97.16 would place him seventh among all forwards from last year.

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Some will be tempted to go back to the Chappy-well. At an exorbitant $520,000, there are better options, particularly as James Hird is unlikely to rely on the ex-Cat for as many midfield minutes. Another recycled veteran, Adam Cooney (FWD/MID, $445,000) looks the smarter option, at least for your initial squad. 

With Paddy Ryder now plying his trade at Port Adelaide, where are the Dons’ ruck points likely to be fall? This is the make or break year for Tom Bellchambers – he's dual-position and cheap (FWD/RUCK, $281,000) and an excellent selection for your first bench slot in either position if his pre-season form is strong. Jonathan Giles (RUCK, $342,000) may tempt but he's there to plug the gaps, not shower Fantasy coaches with points. 

Dyson Heppell (MID, $606,000) is the most expensive Don but he's durable, consistent and finished 10th among midfielders in Fantasy scoring averages last year. If you have any faith in Essendon's chances in 2015, Heppell must be in your squad. 

Down back the Dons still look a ball-carrier or two short. Michael Hibberd (DEF, $506,000) can make fans nervous with his disposal, and Fantasy coaches apoplectic with his hamstrings. Courtenay Dempsey does much the same. Mark Baguley plays his role to perfection, and that role doesn't include scoring heavily in Fantasy. Consider Michael Hurley (DEF, $417,000) instead, as long as Hird keeps him down back.

What about the man who pre-dates Fantasy football all together? The mighty red and black fossil, Dustin Fletcher (DEF, $411,000), saddles up for another season, ready to prey on the opposition's 13th tall and nonchalantly roost the ball from back pocket to centre-wing time after time. Honour him, respect him and applaud his wonderful career. Just don't click anywhere near his Fantasy headshot.

David Zaharakis (MID, $545,000): It’s Zaka’s margin for improvement that makes him a smart pick in Fantasy. Even with a streak of poor form, he still clocked up a Fantasy average of 96.18 from 22 games last year. This is set to be the year he and Brent Stanton pass each other on the Fantasy escalators. Make sure you're on the one heading up.

Joe Daniher (FWD, $336,000):  If he can conquer those kicking yips, there's a ton of Fantasy upside for Daniher, along with more time in the ruck after Ryder's defection. With Michael Hurley staying in the backline, the forward 50 remains Joe's to roam.

David Myers (MID, $460,000): Myers finally looks like a No.6 draft pick and with his booming left boot and strong upper-body, can win plenty of the football and kick team-lifting goals. $460,000 is well under the odds for a player of his calibre, if fit.

Jason Winderlich (DEF/FWD, $376,000): He’s out of retirement and likely to win a few games for the Bombers off his own boot, but Licka has never been much of a Fantasy wiz and you’d be wise to steer clear of him unless a midfield slot suddenly opens up.

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