MELBOURNE and West Coast are unlikely to challenge suspensions handed down to Kade Chandler and Liam Ryan respectively over incidents that occurred during Sunday's clash at Optus Stadium.

Demons rookie Chandler has been handed a two-match ban over the dangerous tackle that put the Eagles' Luke Foley into concussion protocols.

Chandler was charged with rough conduct, with the incident graded careless conduct, high impact and high contact.

"It's a tough situation," Melbourne coach Simon Goodwin said after Sunday's game.

"I can only go by Kade's reaction, he's shattered he's had that impact on the player.

"It's a really difficult footy incident. It's a chase-down tackle, he's coming from a long way away at speed with a lot of momentum. We really feel for the lad.

"To Kade's credit, he was pretty upset by it ... it's a big chase-down tackle that has had a bad impact."

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Young Eagle left dazed after crunching tackle

Eagle Luke Foley is taken from the field after a heavy Kyle Chandler tackle

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Eagles forward Ryan has been dealt a one-match ban for rough conduct against Jake Bowey.

Ryan chose to bump and made contact with Bowey's head in an incident graded careless conduct, medium impact and high contact.

Bowey played out the rest of the match.

West Coast defender Jeremy McGovern has been fined $1000 for misconduct against Melbourne's Jack Viney.