HAWTHORN president Jeff Kennett has lit a fire under the debate surrounding the future of a Tasmanian AFL team, insisting he wouldn't rule out moving the Hawks to the Apple Isle. 

The Hawks' contract with the Tasmanian state government to play four home matches a season in Launceston expires at the end of 2021 with uncertainty around its future. 

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Tasmanian Premier Peter Gutwein insisted last month all negotiations for an extension with the Hawks and North Melbourne to host games in his state were on hold.

Instead, Gutwein has demanded a clear timeline from the AFL on the prospect of Tasmania having its own team. 

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"I'd consider anything," Kennett, who was last year re-appointed to the Hawks' top job until at least 2023, told FiveAA on Friday on the prospect of a relocation. 

"We are the Tassie Hawks, that's how we brand ourselves. We've got Tasmania proudly on our breast… we know our community well, we do our community camps there.

"We're very embedded in Tassie so I wouldn't rule it out. 

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"It would be difficult, but I wouldn't rule it out in the interest of the three-joint parties… the AFL, the clubs and then of course Tasmania."

The Roos also hold a contract with the Tasmanian government to play four home matches a season in Hobart which expires this year. 

In an earlier interview on ABC Radio on Friday, Kennett backed Gutwein's plea for clarity on a Tasmanian AFL team. 

"I agree with the premier, we need to get some direction from the AFL, whatever that is," Kennett, the former premier said.

"If it turns out we're not going to be in Tasmania, where are we going to be next year?

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"We've got to start preparing for that now. We've got to look at all the options as well.

"My heart says yes to a Tasmanian team at some stage. My economic mind says the last thing I want is a Tasmanian team that's going to fail."

"We're not talking about a Tasmanian team today but in three or five years' time. Will we be in a position? Will there be 18 clubs?"

A taskforce commissioned by the Tasmanian state government has indicated a team would work financially and backed it to enter the AFL by 2025.

Gutwein has previously indicated the Hawks, who have hosted Tasmanian games since 2001, make around $4million per season by playing in Launceston.