COLLINGWOOD will continue to be busy in the pick swap market, with the Magpies looking at ways they can get in another strong pick after they match a bid for father-son Nick Daicos.

The Pies last week completed a picks trade with Richmond, sending their pick 27 to the Tigers in exchange for picks 38 and 40, which gave them more points to secure Daicos. 

It means their draft hand currently sits at picks 36, 38, 40, 46, 48, 55, 58, 78 and 79, with the Pies to take six picks to the draft and use three or four selections across the event. 

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But once they match a bid for Daicos, which is expected in the first handful of selections, those picks will be pushed to the back of the draft under the bidding system. However, Pies recruiting manager Derek Hine said the club's hand of selections for next year's draft means they can continue to be active.

"We've got three picks in the [third] round in 2022 and we've got an excess of picks this year where we can use to facilitate some trades leading into the draft. Hopefully prior to the draft we'll be in a position where we've got the required points for Nick, and we've got to plan for the worst but hope for the best in that situation," Hine told's Road to the Draft podcast.

"And then use the potential currency around future picks to be able to get ourselves back into the draft if there was an appetite to. There's a lot of variables there and a lot of our planning has been around trying to cover off around all of them."

Clubs are able to trade picks until Monday, November 15 and then again during the NAB AFL Draft on November 24-25, with Hine saying the Magpies would be busy in conversations about offloading their pick No.36. 

"We're continually having discussions with different clubs and I think that as it draws closer to the draft the interest will only increase," he said.

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"We're clearly going to be active prior to that and not only with 36, but we've got 38 and 40 and any combination of picks can potentially work for us. 

"The only thing we need to be mindful of is we don't want to go into deficit with Nick but we can balance that with bringing in future picks, which will allow us the scope to trade back into this particular draft or increase our hand next year as well."