IN THE middle of the pandemonium when Lance Franklin kicked his 1000th goal, Geelong veteran Zach Tuohy inadvertently knocked a fan over before showing his class with a remarkable gesture. 

With thousands of fans flocking towards the Sydney superstar, one spectator bounced straight off an unaware Tuohy, who was slowly making his way out of the crowd rush. 

The fan quickly got up and continued his mission towards Franklin, but left behind his keys and wallet on the ground. 

Tuohy found them and went back into the scramble to return the items to the relieved fan. 

"I was trudging off and some bloke ran straight into me. He apologised straight away, I don't think he meant it or anything but we bloody cleaned each other up and there was a bit of a head clash as well," Tuohy explained.

"But he apologised and as he stood up and ran off, I could see his keys and phone on the ground and I thought it's just as about as bad as it gets losing your phone and keys so I picked it up and chased after him and kind of grabbed him by the collar to give him back his keys.

"I think he thought I was there to ... he kind of looked at me like I was going after him but ... yeah he apologised and like I said he didn't mean it and I figured you'd hate to lose your keys and phone so I gave them back to him."

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Extraordinary angles of the crowd swarm

Enjoy the captivating scenes the stadium spectators flock towards Lance Franklin after nailing his 1000th career goal

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