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Morrish Medal

The Morrish Medal was first presented the year after the formation of the League thirds competition and was awarded to the player voted best and fairest in that grade by the field umpires. It perpetuates the memory of long-serving (1922) reserve grade treasurer Tom Morrish.

In 1959 the competition was renamed the VFL 19s. In April 1992 three players, who had previously been eliminated on a countback, were awarded medals retrospectively for seasons 1961, 1974 and 1976. Since 1991 the medal has been presented to the TAC Cup under-18s player of the season.

Year Player Club
2019 Lucas Rocci Western Jets
2018 Liam Stocker Sandringham Dragon
2017 Jack Higgins Oakleigh Chargers
2016 Hugh McCluggage North Ballarat Rebels
2015 Clayton Oliver Murray Bushrangers
2014 Alex Carr Gippsland
2013 Jacob Chisari, Ben Cavarra, George Cameron, Josh Scott Respectively: Bendigo, Eastern Ranges, Geelong, Gippsland
2012 N. Graham Gippsland
2011 A. Benbow Dandenong Stingrays
2010 D. Heppell, J. Sketcher Respectively: Gippsland Power, Sandringham Dragons
2009 Anton Woods Northern Knights
2008 J. Blair, F. Priest* Respectively: Gippsland, Murray
2007 M. Kreuzer Northern Knights
2006 F. Caruso Calder
2005 F. Caruso Calder
2004 M. Bate Calder
2003 M. Brown Northern Knights
2002 L. Shackleton Tassie
2001 D. Rodan Calder
2000 D. Rodan Calder
1999 M. Stolarczyk Gippsland
1998 L. Hayes NSW-ACT
1997 D. Murray Murray
1996 N. Brown Bendigo
1995 P. Hood Geelong
1994 G. Moorcroft Northern Knights
1993 D. Watson Southern
1992 B. Smith Northern Knights
1991 G. Stevens Sydney
1990 B. Roberson Carlton
1990 C. Watson North Melbourne
1989 B. Davies Essendon
1988 T. McGrath North Melbourne
1987 W. Schwass North Melbourne
1986 D. Ross North Melbourne
1985 F. Zoccali Essendon
1984 T. Liberatore North Melbourne
1983 Greg Healy Melbourne
1982 L. Bamblett Melbourne
1981 A. Battiston Melbourne
1980 P. Lane Essendon
1979 P. Banks Collingwood
1978 A. McPhie Fitzroy
1978 S. Simpson North Melbourne
1977 D. Williams Essendon
1976 C. Jamieson Richmond
1976 J. Di Natale Footscray
1975 B. Jones South Melbourne
1974 J. Di Natale Footscray
1974 R. Bruerton South Melbourne
1974 P. Friedman Melbourne
1973 R. Bruerton South Melbourne
1972 I. Kilmartin North Melbourne
1972 V Catoggio Carlton
1971 T. O'Malle Carlton
1970 K. Marks Fitzroy
1969 K. Gehling Richmond
1968 P. Callery Melbourne
1967 M. Gale Carlton
1966 B. Wright Fitzroy
1965 R. Petherbridge St Kilda
1964 P. Gowans North Melbourne
1963 J. Schram Geelong
1962 K. Egan Essendon
1961 T. Johnston Melbourne
1961 J. McGowan South Melbourne
1960 G. Ryan Footscray
1959 D. Glassenbury Fitzroy
1958 N. Bowler North Melbourne
1957 P. O'Reilly South Melbourne
1956 G. Rasmussen Hawthorn
1955 M. Job Carlton
1954 A. Clarke Carlton
1953 R. Pratt Carlton
1952 P. McPhee Footscray
1951 F. Williams Hawthorn
1950 N. Alford North Melbourne
1949 A. Harbrow St Kilda
1948 R. Harvey Melbourne
1947 A. Dale Essendon