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AFL Daily: Join Damian Barrett and Nat Edwards for our new podcast and be FIRST with all the news. Picture: AFL Media

IN TODAY'S AFL Daily, star journalists Damian Barrett and Nat Edwards look at all the big news after another massive round of football.

In today's episode ... Nat and Damo discuss a tale of two coaches, comparing Damien Hardwick and David Teague and how they emerged from controversial media conferences during the week, with a particular focus on Teague's intriguing mea culpa. Is Carlton aligned?

Damo and Nat also look at Melbourne's incredible winning streak (the club's best start in 65 years), and North Melbourne's drought-breaking win.


And guess who's back on the menu with a "flat-track bully" tag and a scoreline of 1-3 against the best teams. There's heaps more too.


0:24 – Contrast between how Carlton and Richmond handle pressure

1:00 – David Teague's messaging about Cripps' injury

3:42 – Richmond's alignment compared with Carlton

4:31 – Richmond and the AFL at odds of the Rioli/Bolton incident

6:15 – Why Richmond can afford "aggressive" public stances

8:20 – Damo's 10-0 Melbourne prediction looks likely

9:44 – Why the Dees look so impressive

10:28 – Damo puts his hand up after North Melbourne victory

12:23 – History says Port's 1-3 record against top-eight sides isn't good enough to win the flag


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