Jeremy Cameron celebrates a goal during the R7 match between Geelong and Carlton at the MCG on April 27, 2024. Picture: AFL Photos

CARLTON coach Michael Voss has put a target on Jeremy Cameron as he seeks to blunt Geelong's high-powered attack.

The Blues (9-4) and Cats (8-5) clash for the second time this season when they return fresh from their respective mid-season byes at the MCG on Friday night.

Geelong captain Patrick Dangerfield is ready to return from his latest hamstring issue and could be in the sights of Blues tagger Alex Cincotta, with Voss also able to send his chief stopper to Tom Stewart or Max Holmes.

But it is mobile key forward Cameron who arguably poses the biggest threat after kicking 11 goals in the previous two meetings between the teams.

"Cameron's done particularly well against us the last couple of times but it's important to try to find even balance because there's a few other pieces that go really well," Voss said.

"They've got other threats that are forward of the ball and clearly they've got scoring power.

Michael Voss addresses his team during the R7 clash between Carlton and Geelong at the MCG on April 27, 2024. Picture: AFL Photos

"We have to keep that in mind and Jeremy's clearly a high priority, but we also can't focus all our energies on one person.

"There's a system that we need to make sure we pay attention to and there's a style we want to go after."

That focus includes implementing a stronger team defensive structure, after Carlton conceded a season-high 118 points to Geelong in their round seven encounter.

"We were just too easy to score against," Voss said.


"That game and a few other games mean we've had to work hard at being able to correct that and make sure we defend harder for longer, and not just make it an offensive transition game.

"We feel like we've gone to work pretty hard on that.

"There is an expectation that we defend harder and a standard we expect, and we're going to go hard on that."

Cincotta has been lauded for his shutdown jobs in recent weeks and looms as a key player in the Blues' strategy, with Voss unwilling to divulge which Cats player the tagger will shadow.

"It's something we've added into our game that's been quite useful for us," Voss said.

"Clearly we've had a bias of looking at the midfielder and I think we still have that within us, but we acknowledge that there are some really important players to Geelong that help them execute the way they want to be able to play.

"Stewart is one of those, clearly, but they've got some through the midfield and up forward that we'll need to take care of.

"They're all things to keep in mind but we still come in largely focused on how we try to fuel our own game."