AFTER watching, waiting and listening to every episode of the Official AFLW Fantasy Podcast, trading players in and out and back in again – it's finally time.

You'll want the likes of Jordy Allen or Paxy Paxman locked in first, with Melbourne taking on Collingwood at 7.20pm AEST on Friday.


Teams were named on Thursday night and there are a huge number of players priced under $400k to help complete your star-studded team.


Melissa Bragg (DEF, $300,000)
Mia Busch (DEF, $300,000)
Sophie Casey (DEF, $367,000)
Georgia Clayden (DEF, $300,000)
Harriet Cordner (DEF, $304,000)
Katelyn Cox (DEF, $380,000)
Jasmine Ferguson (DEF, $380,000)
Erica Fowler (DEF, $300,000)
Ellyse Gamble (DEF, $387,000)
Meara Girvan (DEF, $318,000)
Sasha Goranova (DEF, $381,000)
Cheyenne Hammond (DEF, $307,000)
Eleanor Hartill (DEF, $300,000)
Dee Heslop (DEF, $350,000)
Selena Karlson (DEF, $310,000)
Tanya Kennedy (DEF, $300,000)
Genevieve Lawson-Tavan (DEF, $300,000)
Jessica Low (DEF, 346,000)
Beth Lynch (DEF, $314,000)
Niamh McLaughlin (DEF, $300,000)
Abbey McDonald (DEF, $300,000)
Alice Mitchell (DEF, $300,000)
Kiera Mueller (DEF, $300,000)
Beth Pinchin (DEF, $300,000)
Pepa Randall (DEF, $399,000)
Madeleine Scanlon (DEF, $300,000)
Brooke Tonon (DEF, $390,000)

Named on extended bench:

Teagan Germech (DEF, $300,000)
Julie O’Sullivan (DEF, $300,000)


Marianna Anthony (MID, $300,000)
Montana Beruldsen (MID, $300,000)
Grace Campbell (MID, $300,000)
Dominique Carruthers (MID, $316,000)
Joanne Cregg (MID, $300,000)
Megan Fitzsimon (MID, $381,000)
Renee Garing (MID, $300,000)
Taylah Gatt (MID, $366,000)
Alana Gee (MID, $300,000)
Kodi Jacques (MID, $300,000)
Georgia Nanscawen (MID, $300,000)
Taylor Ortlepp (MID, $300,000)
Tyanna Smith (MID, $300,000)
Jasmin Stewart (MID, $394,000)
Ruby Tripodi (MID, $300,000)

Named on extended bench:

Emily Elkington (MID, $300,000)
Charlotte Mullins (MID, $300,000)
Jade Pregelj (MID, $300,000)
Ella K. Smith (MID, $300,000)
Deni Varnhagen (MID, $300,000)
Caitlin Wendland (MID, $300,000)
Charli Wicksteed (MID, $300,000)


Jessica Allan (RUC, $300,000)
Darcie Davies (RUC, $300,000)
Fleur Davies (RUC, $300,000)
Tahlia Gillard (RUC, $376,000)
Madeline Hendrie (RUC, $320,000)
Erin Hoare (RUC, $336,000)
Matilda Scholz (RUC, $300,000)
Lauren Wakfer (RUC, $300,000)
Sarah Wielstra (RUC, $300,000)

Named on extended bench:

Ariana Hetherington (RUC, $300,000)


Mia Austin (FWD, $361,000)
Yvonne Bonner (FWD, $300,000)
Maddy Brancatisano (FWD, $300,000)
Mattea Breed (FWD, $330,000)
Georgia Campbell (FWD, $300,000)
Shanae Davison (FWD, $300,000)
Jessica Doyle (FWD, $350,000)
Erone Fitzpatrick (FWD, $300,000)
Lily Goss (FWD, $350,000)
Grace Hill (FWD, $300,000)
Bridie Hipwell (FWD, $342,000)
Grace Kelly (FWD, $350,000)
Poppy Kelly (FWD, $396,000)
Gemma Lagioia (FWD, $300,000)
Tamara Luke (FWD, 319,000)
Brianna McFarlane (FWD, $300,000)
Maggie Maclachlan (FWD, $300,000)
Analea McKee (FWD, $300,000)
Kirsten McLeod (FWD, $300,000)
Aishling Moloney (FWD, $300,000)
Eleri Morris (FWD, $312,000)
Amy Mulholland (FWD, $342,000)
Alana Porter (FWD, $370,000)
Lily Postlethwaite (FWD, $300,000)
Zoe Prowse (FWD, $387,000)
Ashleigh Richards (FWD, $300,000)
Kristy Stratton (FWD, $302,000)
Julia Teakle (FWD, $300,000)
Daisy Walker (FWD, $339,000)
Jess Wuetschner (FWD, $388,000)

Named on extended bench:

Kate Bartlett (FWD, $352,000)
Maddie Boyd (FWD, $300,000)
Orlagh Lally (FWD, $329,000)
Caitlin Miller (FWD, $322,000)
Jemima Woods (FWD, $300,000) 

Lily Postlethwaite runs with the ball during Brisbane's practice match against Gold Coast on August 4, 2022. Picture: Getty Images

So, who is everyone picking? Well, if everyone else is selecting Kiara Bowers… I will, too.

Let's take a look at the most selected players so far, so you don't miss out:

  1. Kiara Bowers (MID, $1,703,000), 66.87 per cent selected
  2. Ebony Marinoff (MID, $1,585,000), 61.15 per cent
  3. Emma Kearney (DEF, $916,000), 56.97 per cent
  4. Chelsea Randall (FWD, $1,179,000), 51.97 per cent
  5. Jordy Allen (DEF, $853,000), 39.73 per cent
  6. Georgie Prespakis (MID, $1,337,000), 37.96 per cent
  7. Harriet Cordner (DEF, $304,000), 34.2 per cent
  8. Fleur Davies (RUC, $300,000), 33.61 per cent
  9. Paxy Paxman (FWD, $1,053,000), 32.89 per cent
  10. Chloe Molloy (FWD, $958,000), 29.65 per cent

Expect to see this move a little prior to the season starting, with Bri Davey overcoming her hamstring complaint and multiple clubs naming rookie-priced debutants.

If you've missed anything so far and want to do some last-minute research, we've got you covered.

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