Ryley Sanders marks the ball during the Western Bulldogs' match simulation against Hawthorn on February 23, 2024. Picture: AFL Photos

THERE is still plenty of time to pick your AFL Fantasy team.

Remember, AFL Fantasy starts in round one, so we get what many are considering a cheat sheet by picking our teams after watching the first four matches of the season in Opening Round.

Since December, the Traders have been working hard on providing you with the information you need to win the Toyota Hilux this year, or secure a hat in Fantasy Classic.

Missed the club-by-club previews that kicked off on Boxing Day? Find them here.

Not sure about the challenge that is the forward line, or which rucks to go with? The Traders previewed every position – and they were joined by West Coast defender Alex Witherden, Adelaide gun Rory Laird, Greater Western Sydney ruckman Kieren Briggs and Gold Coast midfielder Sam Flanders.

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Roy's Rollin' 22 again? Sure…

Defenders: Nick Daicos (DEF/MID, $982,000), Lachie Whitfield (DEF, $855,000), Harry Sheezel (DEF, $878,000), Hayden Young (DEF, $805,000), Jack Sinclair (DEF, $922,000), James Sicily (DEF, $943,000) 
Marcus Bontempelli (MID, $1,056,000), Tom Green (MID, $998,000), Errol Gulden (MID, $1,015,000), Rory Laird (MID, $986,000), Andrew Brayshaw (MID, $996,000), Zach Merrett (MID, $1,019,000), Jordan Dawson (MID, $1,024,000), Clayton Oliver (MID, $1,027,000)
Rowan Marshall (RUC, $1,045,000), Tim English (RUC, $1,071,000)
Sam Flanders (MID/FWD, $809,000), Isaac Heeney (FWD, $722,000), Jack Macrae (MID/FWD, $829,000), Zac Fisher (FWD, $623,000), Dustin Martin (FWD, $812,000), Luke Jackson (RUC/FWD, $765,000)

- How AFL Fantasy will tackle Opening Round, early byes
- Every club previewed
- Every position previewed
- Fantasy Freako's rookie notes
- The best recruits to target in Fantasy
- The breakout options you must consider
- Fantasy rookie bible
- Pre-season Fantasy wrap
- Ultimate Fantasy cheat sheet
- Roy's Fantasy locks
- The Traders' round one team
- Take on the stars in AFL Fantasy
- The cash cows ranked
- Fantasy Freako's team reveal
- Fantasy ready R1

Want Fantasy advice from last year's Classic champion? Don't miss this.

Confirmed rookies for round one

James Borlase (DEF, $289,000)
Josh Gibcus* (DEF, $256,000)
Zach Reid (DEF, $253,000)
Bodhi Uwland* (DEF, $219,000)
Toby Pink (DEF, $200,000)
Charlie Dean* (DEF, $200,000)

Colby McKercher (MID, $297,000)
Ryley Sanders (MID, $285,000)
Jeremy Sharp (MID, $284,000)
Matt Roberts* (MID, $245,000)
Jhye Clark (MID, $237,000)

Harley Reid (MID/FWD, $300,000)
Zane Duursma (MID/FWD, $291,000)
Nick Watson (MID/FWD, $288,000)
Charlie Lazzaro (MID/FWD, $288,000)
Caleb Windsor* (MID/FWD, $282,000)
Karl Worner (DEF, $278,000)
Darcy Wilson (MID/FWD, $249,000)
Shaun Mannagh (MID/FWD, $200,000)
Harvey Thomas* (MID/FWD, $200,000)

Callum Jamieson (FWD, $298,000)
Taj Woewodin (FWD, $285,000)
Orazio Fantasia* (FWD, $269,000)
Maurice Rioli jnr* (FWD, $268,000)
Kai Lohmann* (FWD, $257,000)
Oliver Dempsey (FWD, $252,000)
Lachlan McNeil (FWD, $248,000)
Aaron Cadman* (FWD, $221,000)
Lance Collard (FWD, $219,000)
Seth Campbell* (FWD, $200,000)
Chris Burgess (FWD, $200,000)
Harvey Gallagher (FWD, $200,000)

*played in Opening Round, see more details below

Rookies who played in Opening Round

Josh Gibcus (DEF, $256,000)
Score: 39, Breakeven: 11

Bodhi Uwland (DEF, $219,000)
Score: 26, Breakeven: 21

Blake Howes (DEF, $200,000)
Score: 74, Breakeven: -58

Charlie Dean (DEF, $200,000)
Score: 36, Breakeven: 0

Matt Roberts (MID, $245,000)
Score: 91, Breakeven: -71

Caleb Windsor (MID/FWD, $282,000)
Score: 45, Breakeven: 9

Orazio Fantasia (FWD, $269,000)
Score: 33, Breakeven: 24

Maurice Rioli jnr (FWD, $268,000)
Score: 30, Breakeven: 29

Kai Lohmann (FWD, $257,000)
Score: 28, Breakeven: 29

Aaron Cadman (FWD, $221,000)
Score: 47, Breakeven: -10

Seth Campbell (FWD, $200,000)
Score: 61, Breakeven: -38

Toby McMullin (FWD, $200,000)
Score: 47, Breakeven: -16

Bailey Laurie (FWD, $200,000)
Score: 26, Breakeven: 16

Harvey Thomas (MID/FWD, $200,000)
Score: 18, Breakeven: 28

Did you like the look of a new recruit at your club? Calvin already assessed them all in February. How'd they go in the practice game, you ask? Well, we've got that too.

Calvin's top five recruits (yes, in order): James Jordon (MID/FWD, $454,000), Zac Fisher (MID/FWD, $623,000), Brodie Grundy (RUC, $677,000), Jeremy Sharp (MID, $284,000), Riley Bonner (MID, $463,000).

Recruits are one thing, but what about the possible breakouts to come in 2024? Roy took a look at those too.

Roy's top breakout prospects: Nic Martin (MID, $769,000), Jordan Clark (DEF, $691,000), Tristan Xerri (RUC, $580,000), James Jordon (MID/FWD, $454,000), Jai Newcombe (MID, $842,000), Alex Sexton (FWD, $382,000)

Build your team around rookies. Here's the first edition of the rookie bible and, if you want to know more, Fantasy Freako's rookie notes are a must.

Listen to the AFL Fantasy Podcast with The Traders at Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts.

If you missed the practice matches, this wrap is a must-read – and this cheat sheet will help you too.

Stay tuned to AFL.com.au and the AFL Live Official App for the latest Fantasy news, including the rookies as they are named ahead of round one.

No excuses not to enter right now.

Then, get ready. OK, we'll help you with that, too. Warnie has the timeline with what you need to look out for ahead of round one.

Getting set for lockout week requires some planning. When teams are announced and the lead in to game start times are important times and coaches need to be switched on.

Final teams will be announced 60 minutes before the first bounce when any late changes are announced and the substitutes are named. This year, teams will name squads of 23, with the sub coming from one of those players.

FANTASY LATEST Tips, strategy, draft, podcasts, more

Consider how your team is pieced together as the various announcements are timed. On Wednesday evening, we will know if Blues defender Zac Williams is named. On Thursday evening, hopefully we will see more sub-$300k players named to help manage the Fantasy Classic budget. Be on the lookout throughout the week for the debutant videos from clubs.

Please be reminded that we have a rolling lockout throughout each round, meaning your players can be edited until their club's match has commenced.

All times AEDT.

Wednesday, March 13

6.20pm – Carlton and Richmond teams named.

Thursday, March 14

6.15pm – The Traders live stream with all the late mail on AFL.com.au and the AFL Live Official App.

6.20pm – Team announcements for the other eight games, with 23s and emergencies named for the Friday and Saturday games, extended squads of 26 (ie. eight on bench) for the Sunday games.

6.30pm – Blues and Tigers final teams announced, including substitutes.

7.30pm – Carlton v Richmond commences. All listed players (not just those playing) from the Tigers and Blues will be locked.

Friday, March 15

5.00pm – Sunday squads trimmed to 23s and emergencies.