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IT WAS another intense finish to the Continental Tyres AFL Trade Period and there was plenty of movement at the station on the final day.

So did your club get the players it was chasing? Who ended up at a new home? Who ended up staying? How are you placed ahead of the NAB AFL Draft?

We answer all your trade questions. Check it out below.

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TRADE WRAP SPECIAL: The sneaky winner, late curveball, more

Riley Beveridge and Cal Twomey dissect the Continental Tyres AFL Trade Period

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Who arrived: Jordan Dawson

Who left: Jake Kelly

2021 NAB AFL Draft picks: 4, 33, 75, 80

Future picks: The Crows gave up a future fourth pick to St Kilda as part of a convoluted four-club trade involving only picks. The deal resulted in Adelaide acquiring Melbourne's future first-rounder, which was then passed onto Sydney for Jordan Dawson.

We say: Quite a few ticks out of this trade period for the Crows. They first convinced wantaway Swan Jordan Dawson that Adelaide was his club of choice, and then held onto their pick No.4 in the eventual deal. The loss of Jake Kelly stings a bit, considering the defender's regularity in the developing team, but a third-round compensation helps somewhat. The Crows also made a bid for North Melbourne's pick No.1 in a quest to land local boy Jason Horne-Francis, but were knocked back – Sarah Black.

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Jordan Dawson has played 64 games for Sydney

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Who arrived: Darcy Fort

Who left: N/A

2021 NAB AFL Draft picks: 14, 18, 41, 54, 60, 76, 90

Future picks: The Lions gave up next year's third round selection to Geelong as part of acquiring Fort.

We say: Their list was already in a good spot and therefore it was always going to be a quiet period. Landing Fort is a nice back-up option to Oscar McInerney following the retirement of Archie Smith, and Chris Fagan now also has the choice of using the pair together until Eric Hipwood returns from his ruptured ACL in the middle of next season. Midfield depth was an external question raised, but Cam Rayner's return from a knee problem and Zac Bailey's continued emergence should provide the necessary depth internally in 2022. - Michael Whiting

Darcy Fort celebrates a goal for Geelong in round four, 2020. Picture: AFL Photos

Who arrived: Adam Cerra, George Hewett, Lewis Young

Who left: Sam Petrevski-Seton

2021 NAB AFL Draft picks: 25, 64, 82

Future picks: Carlton lost a future third-round selection in a deal for Cerra. The club hopes to invest in next year's draft and took its 2022 first and second-round picks off the table during the Trade Period.

We say: Carlton got its business done early and efficiently. The club staved off the threat of Sydney matching a restricted free agency bid for Hewett by signing him to a four-year deal, while it wilfully parted with pick No.6 and a future third-round selection to land its priority target Cerra. Both will provide the two-way running power the side desperately lacked last season. It then turned Petrevski-Seton into Young, courtesy of a three-way deal with West Coast and the Western Bulldogs. That helped bolster its key position stocks in defence, which were severely depleted in 2021. - Riley Beveridge

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Adam Cerra has played 76 games for Fremantle

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Who arrived: Nathan Kreuger, Patrick Lipinski

Who left: Max Lynch

2021 NAB AFL Draft picks: 27, 36, 46, 48, 55, 58, 78, 79

Future picks: The Pies were active in the futures market, trading out their future second, third and fourth-round selections in a day one deal with Gold Coast, but ending up with three future round three picks tied to Freo, Brisbane and the Hawks.

We say: The Pies had three big focuses for the trade period and achieved all: bring in enough points for father-son Nick Daicos and trade in Nathan Kreuger and Patrick Lipinski from the Cats and Dogs respectively. They got those two for good value given they were out of contract and also have more than enough points to match the bid for star draftee Daicos. Watch for the Pies to get creative with pick No.27 in the lead up to the draft – they'll be open to offers for either another future pick or potentially trading it out and then coming back into the top-20 if they can find a seller. - Callum Twomey

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Patrick Lipinski has played 56 games for the Western Bulldogs

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Who arrived: Jake Kelly

Who left: N/A

2021 NAB AFL Draft picks: 11, 51, 56, 87

Future picks: The Bombers have maintained their future picks and haven't offloaded any.

We say: It became a busy few days to end the trade period for Essendon, the Bombers offering a future second-round pick to get a deal done for Bobby Hill, with the small forward wanting to join the club from the Giants. But the Giants wouldn't budge on the contracted player, leaving the Bombers without any extra small forward depth. They did, however, keep their top pick whilst also landing Jake Kelly as a free agent to add some muscle, versatility and physicality to their defence. Watch for the Bombers to try to use their future second-round selection to buy into the top-30 of the draft closer to the event. - Callum Twomey

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Jake Kelly joins Essendon after 110 games with Adelaide

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Who arrived: Will Brodie, Jordan Clark

Who left: Adam Cerra

2021 NAB AFL Draft picks: 6, 8, 19, 61, 69, 84

Future picks: Traded their own future second-, third- and fourth-round picks and now hold a fourth-round selection in 2022 tied to Geelong. Retained their own future first-rounder and could add to their 2022 hand if strong offers come for their pick No.19 on Draft night. Carlton's future third-round pick arrived but was passed on to the Cats. 

We say: Among the winners for the way they salvaged Cerra's loss and worked hard to eventually get the Clark deal done, walking away with an excellent hand at the NAB AFL Draft. Moved up from No.27 to No.22 and then gave a little more than they wanted to make sure the Clark deal was sealed. Securing pick No.19 from Gold Coast was a masterstroke having pulled the trigger quickly to beat rivals to the selection. Rory Lobb's wish to move to GWS was unexpected and retaining him in the absence of a compelling offer was good business, particularly given the lack of forward/rucks on the market and an inability to replace him. – Nathan Schmook  

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Jordan Clark has played 32 games for Geelong

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Who arrived: Jonathon Ceglar

Who left: Jordan Clark, Darcy Fort, Nathan Kreuger

2021 NAB AFL Draft picks: 22, 30, 32, 34, 50, 91

Future picks: The Cats received a future third (tied to Carlton, via Fremantle) and future fourth (tied to Hawthorn), giving up its own future fourth to the Dockers. The future third came as somewhat of a sweetener in the Jordan Clark trade.

We say: It took until the final hour, but the Clark deal was finally done. Geelong wasn't able to get the prized pick No.19 they desired, but will make do with No.22 and a future third. Given the reportedly acrimonious ending, it may be a win-win, but Cats fans will be disappointed Clark didn't get greater opportunity. Jonathon Ceglar will add an interesting dynamic to the Cats' personal ruck merry-go-round, and will definitely command more game time than Darcy Fort. The Cats will be disappointed to lose developing tall Nathan Kreuger to Collingwood. Tyson Stengle is also set to sign as a delisted free agent – adding some pressure to the Cats' occasionally leaky forward line – reuniting with close mentor and new Cats development coach Eddie Betts. – Sarah Black

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Jonathon Ceglar has played 101 games for Hawthorn

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Who arrived: Mabior Chol

Who left: Will Brodie

2021 NAB AFL Draft picks: 3

Future picks: The Suns have loaded up with picks for next year, getting Collingwood's second, third and fourth round selections in a deal that helped the Magpies get points for father-son prospect Nick Daicos, as well as Fremantle's second and third round selections in the Brodie trade.

We say: The Suns addressed a major area of need in acquiring Chol via free agency. Not only does he provide some forward line support for Ben King and Sam Day, but the former Tiger is a terrific option to play behind Jarrod Witts in the ruck. In a sense, he offers support for two of Gold Coast's most important players – King and Witts. Losing Brodie has been on the cards for 12 months, having quite clearly been overlooked by the club as a player it will use in the long-term. Gold Coast will now be praying he doesn't 'do a Jarryd Lyons' and flourish in the west. Darcy Macpherson stayed on after some interest from North Melbourne. - Michael Whiting

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Mabior Chol joins Gold Coast after 31 games with Richmond

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Who arrived: Nil

Who left: Jeremy Finlayson

2021 NAB AFL Draft picks: 2, 13, 53, 71, 89

Future picks: The Giants acquired Port Adelaide's third round draft pick for 2022 as part of the trade for Finlayson.

We say: Plenty of names floated around the Giants – both potentially coming and going - but ultimately there wasn't a lot of movement. Bobby Hill's late request for a trade threw a spanner in the works, however, after the Giants struck out on Hawthorn pair Chad Wingard and Luke Breust, they decided the small forward was too valuable to let go with a year to run on his contract, rejecting offers from Essendon and Collingwood. Rory Lobb flirted with coming back to offset Jeremy Finlayson's departure, but Jake Riccardi's re-signing ensures they still have tall forward options. - Michael Whiting

Jeremy Finlayson celebrates a goal for GWS in round four, 2021. Picture: Getty Images

Who arrived: Max Lynch (Collingwood)

Who left: Jon Ceglar (Geelong), Tim O’Brien (Western Bulldogs)

2021 NAB AFL Draft picks: 5, 21, 24, 59, 65, 81

Future picks: The Hawks have a good 2022 draft hand at this stage, with picks in each of the first four rounds. They traded out their third and fourth round picks to Collingwood and Geelong, but got them back tied to Fremantle and Gold Coast.

We say: Depending on who you believe, the Hawks roundly stuffed things up by talking the talk when it comes to offloading stars for early draft picks, but didn’t walk the walk when they couldn’t execute the deals. The counter view is that there is some excitement with what new coach Sam Mitchell is offering and they want to be part of it. The truth, as usual, is likely somewhere in the middle. Neither Ceglar or O’Brien would have been part of their next premiership tilt and adding ruckman Lynch and three picks in the first 25 will help with the rebuild. What the Hawks have shown is that when they do go to the draft, they know how to find good players. - Ashley Browne

Hawk Jon Ceglar and Magpie Max Lynch in action during VFL round 16, 2021. Picture: AFL Photos

Who arrived: Luke Dunstan

Who left: Nil

2021 NAB AFL Draft picks: 17, 37, 49, 57, 94

Future picks: For the third straight year, Melbourne executed its plan to trade away future picks to move back into the draft. Its 2022 first-round selection is now in the hands of Sydney, via Adelaide, while it received pick No.17 this year in return.

We say: Melbourne completed one of the Trade Period's early surprises, signing St Kilda midfielder Dunstan to beef up its midfield depth. He will provide valuable support to premiership heroes like Christian Petracca, Clayton Oliver and Jack Viney and cost the club next to nothing as an unrestricted free agent. It then completed another shrewd pick swap in a four-club trade with Adelaide, the Western Bulldogs and St Kilda, clawing its way back into the first round of this year's draft. It gave up a 2022 first-round selection, in addition to picks No.33 and 45, to receive picks No.17, 37 and 49. The premiers had a tiny nibble at Adam Cerra, who instead nominated Carlton as his preferred destination. - Riley Beveridge

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Luke Dunstan has played 116 games for St Kilda

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Who arrived: Callum Coleman-Jones

Who left: Robbie Tarrant

2021 NAB AFL Draft picks: 1, 20, 42, 47, 72, 77

Future picks: North Melbourne lost a future second-round pick to Richmond in a deal to land Coleman-Jones, but it secured a future fourth-round selection as part of the same trade.

We say: North Melbourne opted to trade for Coleman-Jones, despite the threat of walking him to the pre-season draft. Tarrant had already accepted a two-year deal with Richmond and was included in the deal, which also saw a future second-rounder and pick No.40 head to Punt Road and picks No.42, 47 and a future fourth-round selection move to Arden Street. The club expects both of those picks in the 40s to move up higher on draft night, due to Collingwood and the Western Bulldogs – who occupy every selection in between – having to match bids on father-son prospects Nick Daicos and Sam Darcy respectively. The contracted Tristan Xerri requested a trade to St Kilda, but a deal couldn't be negotiated after North Melbourne demanded a future second-round selection be involved in the deal. - Riley Beveridge

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Callum Coleman-Jones has played nine games for Richmond

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Who arrived: Jeremy Finlayson

Who left: Peter Ladhams

2021 NAB AFL Draft picks: 12, 63, 73, 74, 92

Future picks: Traded out their future third-round selection for Finlayson but replaced that with a 2022 third-rounder tied to Sydney.

We say: Finlayson was a value acquisition, bringing more goalkicking power and arguably more balance to a tall forward line that lost Peter Ladhams. The former Giant has booted 90 goals in 66 games (1.7 a game), while Ladhams has kicked 21 in 32 games (0.7 a game). To then climb four places in the first round of this year's NAB AFL Draft was significant, even if their initial position was that they wanted a first-round pick outright for Ladhams, whose ruck assets were wasted behind Scott Lycett. Missing out on Jordan Dawson was a blow, with the Power now mostly banking on improvement from within in 2022. – Nathan Schmook

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Jeremy Finlayson has played 66 games for the GWS Giants

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Who arrived: Robbie Tarrant

Who left: Mabior Chol, Callum Coleman-Jones

2021 NAB AFL Draft picks: 7, 15, 26, 28, 38, 40, 83

Future picks: The Tigers received a future second as part of the complicated Robbie Tarrant-Callum Coleman-Jones deal with North Melbourne. They also let go of a future fourth in the same exchange.

We say: After the somewhat surprising retirement of triple-premiership fullback David Astbury, the Tigers were in the market for a senior key back as part of one last flag push. Robbie Tarrant fits the bill perfectly, and Richmond did very well to orchestrate a trade with Callum Coleman-Jones to avoid cancelling out the compensation for Mabior Chol. However, there's no getting around the fact the Tigers have lost two developing forward targets and have no obvious replacement for Jack Riewoldt on their books, despite how bullish the club is around raw duo Samson Ryan and Mate Colina. – Sarah Black

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Robbie Tarrant has played 174 games for North Melbourne

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Who arrived: Nil

Who left: Luke Dunstan (Melbourne)

2021 NAB AFL Draft picks: 9, 62, 66, 67, 85

Future picks: The Saints have a fourth round pick in 2022 that is tied to Port Adelaide.

We say: It was a quiet year for the Saints on the player exchange front. They were in there until the end attempting to bring North Melbourne ruckman Tristan Xerri to the club, but the deal fell down when the Saints could not deliver the second-round pick the Kangas were asking. It might mean a reprieve for Paul Hunter as a back-up for first-choice big men Rowan Marshall and Paddy Ryder. Luke Dunstan departs for Melbourne as a free agent. They’ll miss his ball-winning numbers, but perhaps not his disposal efficiency. Looking at where St Kilda is placed in the draft, they might have some pick swapping to do. - Ashley Browne

Luke Dunstan in action for St Kilda in round 20, 2021. Picture: Getty Images

Who arrived: Peter Ladhams (Port Adelaide)

Who left: Jordan Dawson (Adelaide), George Hewett (Carlton)

2021 NAB AFL Draft picks: 16, 31, 39, 70, 88.

Future picks: The Jordan Dawson trade has netted the club an extra first round pick in 2022 which will be tied to Melbourne. Expect it to come late. Their third round pick next year now belongs to Port Adelaide as part of the Peter Ladhams deal.

We say: The Swans did enough to keep themselves busy. They had no real interest in retaining free agent Hewett but were rocked by Dawson’s request to move home to South Australia. They rated him the best of the players looking to be traded and were hoping for a top 10 pick in exchange, but a future first round pick seems fair. They have a great draft hand next year. They’ll be pleased to have Ladhams who shapes as the club’s long term No.1 ruckman, although he might face short-term competition from Tom Hickey who enjoyed a great first year with the club but who will be 31 by the start of next season. The Swans genuinely trade well, so expect Ladhams to go well. - Ashley Browne

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Peter Ladhams has played 32 games for Port Adelaide

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Who arrived: Sam Petrevski-Seton

Who left: Nil

2021 NAB AFL Draft picks: 10, 29, 35, 68, 86

Future picks: Didn't do any deals involving future selections, keeping a full hand in 2022 for now.

We say: Surprisingly inactive after a disappointing 2021, making just one move. Petrevski-Seton for pick No.52 was an excellent deal that could pay off in a big way if the former Carlton defender reaches his potential with the Eagles. Missed out on Western Bulldogs ruckman Jordan Sweet and kept a keen eye on the ruck merry-go-round, but could now hold a list spot over for a pre-season or mid-season prospect. Would be disappointed about the lack of a market for Jarrod Brander, with the former first-round pick now likely to leave for nothing as a delisted free agent if the Eagles don't offer him a contract. – Nathan Schmook

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Sam Petrevski-Seton has played 94 games for Carlton

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Who arrived: Tim O'Brien

Who left: Patrick Lipinski, Lewis Young

2021 NAB AFL Draft picks: 23, 43, 44, 45, 52, 93

Future picks: A clean slate for the Dogs on the futures front with the club maintaining its hand of picks and not bringing any in either.

We say: After Lewis Young knocked back a deal at the Dogs to join Carlton, the Grand Finalists moved quickly to replace him with Hawthorn's Tim O'Brien as an unrestricted free agent for their key defensive group. They also held firm on Lipinski, knocking back offers for picks in the 50s to get No.43, a solid result given his uncontracted status. The other priority for the Bulldogs was building their draft points for father-son Sam Darcy, which they did by shipping out pick No.17 in a four-way mega pick swap in week one of the period. They also have pick 23, which rivals are coming for in the next few weeks ahead of the draft with options open to the Dogs to trade back for some points this year or a future pick or even get creative on draft night depending on when the bid will fall for the top-three talent. - Callum Twomey

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Tim O'Brien has played 97 games for Hawthorn

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