Trade Wrap (L-R): Adam Saad, Joe Daniher, Jeremy Cameron, and Brad Crouch have all found their ways to new clubs. Picture: Media

IT WAS an intense finish to the AFL Trade Period and there were clearly some winners and losers during the week and a half.

Who came out on top and who just couldn't get the players they were chasing? We give each club a score out of 10 for their performance and rank them from worst to best.




Who left: Jaidyn Stephenson, Atu Bosenavulagi, Tom Phillips, Adam Treloar

Who arrived: Nil

2020 NAB AFL Draft picks: 14, 16, 65, 70, 75, 92

Future picks: Collingwood received a future second-round selection from the Western Bulldogs in a deal for Treloar. Despite publicly putting its future first-round pick on the trade table, it didn't relinquish any 2021 picks.

We say: How did it come to this? Collingwood's desperation to push Stephenson, Phillips and Treloar out the door led to cut-price deals for all three. Stephenson, a NAB AFL Rising Star winner just two years ago, left for little more than a second-round pick. Phillips, a solid servant with a bright future, left for a pick in the 60s. The club did receive pick No.14 from the Bulldogs in a deal for Treloar, but also gave up one of its most important midfielders and was forced to shift picks No.26, 33 and 42 to get that earlier selection. It's a lamentable Trade Period for the club. - Riley Beveridge

Grade: 1/10 (ranked 18th)



Who left: Joe Daniher, Adam Saad, Orazio Fantasia

Who arrived: Jye Caldwell, Peter Wright, Nick Hind

2020 NAB AFL Draft picks: 6, 7, 8, 44, 67, 74, 85, 87 

Future picks: The Bombers threw a few around here. They sent the Suns a future fourth-round pick for Wright, but received a future third-round selection from the Power. In landing Caldwell they gave up a future second-round pick.

We say: Glass half full or glass half empty? The Bombers lost three quality players, but all three didn't want to be there. There’s genuine star factor that has left in Daniher, Saad and Fantasia, though, that hasn’t been replaced. They picked up Wright very cheaply in trade terms (although will take on the large part of his hefty wage), and brought in some speed from St Kilda with Nick Hind, while the Bombers also did a good deal to land Caldwell as an up-and-coming midfielder but paid a big price with two second-round picks. Their huge and lucrative bid for Josh Dunkley went down to the wire, but ultimately the Bombers weren't willing to give up two first-round picks for the midfielder – which leaves them with probably their best draft hand in history with three top-10 picks. They must land these selections to turn this period into a win. Two midfielders and a tall should be on the menu. - Callum Twomey

Grade: 4.5/10 (ranked 17th)

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GWS Giants

Who left: Jye Caldwell, Jeremy Cameron, Aidan Corr, Zac Langdon, Zac Williams

Who arrived: Jesse Hogan, Braydon Preuss

2020 NAB AFL Draft picks: 10, 13, 15, 20, 44, 52, 74, 88

Future picks: Most of the action came in this year's draft, courtesy of the Cats, but the Giants also stashed some extra picks for 2021, including a second-round selection (tied to Essendon) and a fourth-rounder from Geelong.

We say: The five players that left were forecast weeks in advance, but it's still a hammer blow. The Giants strengthened their draft hand and held firm on the Cameron deal, but were unable to get any established players like they originally hoped. They bypassed on Adelaide's pick offer for Jackson Hately, who will now get to the Crows for nothing through the pre-season draft. Taking a punt on Hogan and getting a recognised ruck in his prime in Preuss helped offset the damage. - Michael Whiting

Grade: 5/10 (ranked 16th)


Adelaide Crows

Who left: Rory Atkins, Brad Crouch, Kyle Hartigan

Who arrived: -

2020 NAB AFL Draft picks: 1, 9, 22, 23, 40, 56, 66, 80

Future picks: The Crows added a future second-round selection and two future fourth-round picks, with none going out. It was smart trading given the strong hand they already held in this year's Draft.

We say: The hard-line stance of needing pick No.2 as compensation for Brad Crouch didn't draw a result, but it caused no real harm, with the Crows eventually accepting pick No.23, which was just shy of a reasonable return for the 26-year-old. Using the Pre-Season Draft to land Jackson Hately, a pick No.14 two years ago, will even the ledger. The draft will now be the Crows' playground. By holding pick No.1 they will be able to draft local gun forward Riley Thilthorpe, and their hand thereafter is strong. Look for the Crows to try and work their other selections up the board through pick trading given their depth of assets. - Nathan Schmook

Grade: 5/10 (ranked 15th)

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GWS' Jackson Hately celebrates a win over Port Adelaide in round 19, 2019. Picture: AFL Photos


Who left: Jesse Hogan

Who arrived: -

2020 NAB AFL Draft picks: 12, 32, 55

Future picks:  The Dockers didn't touch their future picks, or bring any in. Holding onto their future assets was a priority.  

We say: This Trade Period was about moving Hogan, freeing up salary cap space and going to the Draft with a first-round pick (unless Jordan Clark became available, which he didn't). The Hogan deal allowed the Dockers to free up space to eventually re-sign David Mundy and others, and it made sense in isolation. The decision to pay such a high price for him two seasons ago is the deal that should be judged harshly. The Dockers were otherwise quiet but are unlikely to be in 2021 when their list will be ready for an injection of mature talent. Would have welcomed a new home for Connor Blakely. - Nathan Schmook

Grade: 5/10 (ranked 14th)


Sydney Swans

Who left: Aliir Aliir

Who arrived: Tom Hickey

2020 NAB AFL Draft picks: 3, 31, 34, 43, 60, 82

Future picks: The Swans grabbed an extra second-round selection in the 2021 draft (via West Coast) and gave back a future third-rounder. They shuffled back a touch in this year's draft to acquire more points to match bids on Academy players Errol Gulden and Braeden Campbell.

We say: A quiet period for the Swans who have clearly decided to back the youth it unearthed this season. Getting a ruckman was paramount with injuries to Sam Naismith and Cal Sinclair, and Hickey fits the bill nicely. Aliir's versatility will be missed but the Swans believe they have the key defensive posts covered. - Michael Whiting

Grade: 5/10 (ranked 13th)

West Coast ruckman Tom Hickey in action against the Western Bulldogs. Picture: Getty Images/AFL Photos


Who left: Jack Higgins, Oleg Markov

Who arrived: -

2020 NAB AFL Draft picks: 17, 36, 61, 79, 97

Future picks: The Tigers picked up a future second-round as part of their deal with the Saints in the Higgins transaction, but also gave a 2021 fourth-round pick back to the Saints. They did, however, receive a future third-round selection in exchange for Markov from the Suns.

We say: Markov was a depth player who wanted opportunities, so the Tigers would not have been too concerned about his exit. But Higgins' departure isn't ideal for them. The hard-working midfielder/forward was squeezed out of the senior side this season, but had a year to go on his contract and was a first-round pick three years ago. Ideally for Richmond he'd still be at Punt Road next year, but they did move a few spots up the order into the first round. Richmond didn't add to its premiership squad. - Callum Twomey

Grade: 5/10 (ranked 12th)


Gold Coast Suns

Who left: Peter Wright

Who arrived: Rory Atkins, Oleg Markov

2020 NAB AFL Draft picks: 5, 27, 37, 76, 84

Future picks: Not a lot of draft movement for the Suns, just giving up a future third-round selection to Richmond and receiving a future fourth for Wright. They will pre-select Academy products Alex Davies and Joel Jeffrey this year and still have flexibility with a number of selections.

We say: Always likely to be a quiet period as the Suns invest in their top-end draft talent from the past four years. Some early flirting with Adam Treloar did not materialise, and the addition of Atkins and Markov to add speed came at little cost. Waving Wright goodbye for next to nothing thins out a tall forward stable that was already light-on for bodies. - Michael Whiting

Grade: 6/10 (ranked 11th)

Oleg Markov has had limited opportunities at Richmond. Picture: AFL Photos


Who left: Isaac Smith

Who arrived: Kyle Hartigan, Tom Phillips

2020 NAB AFL Draft picks: 4, 24, 45, 46, 49, 72

Future picks: The Hawks traded out a future fourth selection for Hartigan. They had intended to pick him up as an unrestricted free agent but instead did a cheap trade deal to not dilute the compensation for Smith.

We say: Lost Smith to Geelong when they wanted to keep the triple premiership wingman, which is a blow, but the Hawks replaced him by adding Collingwood wingman Tom Phillips with pick 65, which is one of the bargains of the trade period. The Smith compensation pick was a sweetener which they hadn't been planning for, but the Hawks lost out on attempts to lure rival players, including a late pitch at free agent Aidan Corr and also for ruckman Braydon Preuss. Hartigan offers defensive back up. - Callum Twomey

Grade: 6.5/10 (ranked 10th)

Magpie Tom Phillips attempts to break away from a tackle against St Kilda in round 3. Picture: AFL Photos

North Melbourne

Who left: Shaun Higgins, Ben Brown

Who arrived: Aidan Corr, Lachie Young, Jaidyn Stephenson, Atu Bosenavulagi

2020 NAB AFL Draft picks: 2, 11, 30, 39, 71, 81

Future picks: North Melbourne gave its future fourth-round pick to Melbourne as part of the Brown trade, while in turn receiving a future fourth-round pick that is tied to Brisbane. The Kangaroos then traded that fourth-round selection to Collingwood in a deal for Stephenson and Bosenavulagi.

We say: There are two crucial aspects to North Melbourne's trade period. Yes, the Kangaroos might not have got the returns they'd have ideally liked for Higgins and Brown, but in Corr and Stephenson, in particular, the club was able to lure two players who could prove pivotal to its rebuild. They also didn't part with much either, luring Corr as a free agent and capitalising on Collingwood's problems by signing Stephenson on a cut-price deal. Young and Bosenavulagi are exciting sweeteners who will get senior opportunities next season. - Riley Beveridge

Grade: 7/10 (ranked 9th)


West Coast Eagles

Who left: Tom Hickey

Who arrived: Zac Langdon, Alex Witherden

2020 NAB AFL Draft picks: 62, 86, 91

Future picks:  The Eagles bought into next year's draft and ditched this year's. They added a future second-round selection (tied to Port Adelaide) and Sydney's future third-round selection. They traded their own future third-round pick to the Lions.

We say: The Eagles addressed list needs, made a strategic decision to get out of this year's Draft, and strengthened their hand next year. They would have preferred to have held onto Hickey but were compensated fairly for his loss. Witherden is among the bargains of the Trade Period and his strengths will suit the Eagles' game style. Langdon adds depth across half-forward where the club has been hit with the unavailability of premiership pair Daniel Venables and Willie Rioli. Understated moves that could have a big impact. - Nathan Schmook

Grade: 7/10 (ranked 8th)

Alex Witherden during a Brisbane training session at the Gabba in August, 2019. Picture: Picture: Getty Images

Brisbane Lions

Who left: Stefan Martin, Alex Witherden

Who arrived: Joe Daniher, Nakia Cockatoo

2020 NAB AFL Draft picks: 25, 53, 58, 63, 68, 69, 94

Future picks: The Lions have prioritised the 2021 draft over this year's, adding Melbourne's first round pick next year in addition to its own. They've also added a third-round selection while giving up picks in the second and fourth round.

We say: A strong period where Brisbane landed its two targets at little cost. Acquiring Daniher without the need to trade was a huge win and bolsters their premiership stocks, while Cockatoo is a low-risk, high-reward play. Losing Martin puts pressure on Oscar McInerney to stay healthy, with Archie Smith the only recongised ruck back-up, while Witherden's departure got very little in return and will dent the defensive depth. - Michael Whiting

Grade: 7.5/10 (ranked 7th)



Who left: Braydon Preuss, Mitch Hannan

Who arrived: Ben Brown

2020 NAB AFL Draft picks: 18, 19, 28, 50, 89

Future picks: Melbourne completed another audacious future pick-swap, handing Brisbane its 2021 first-round selection for this year's picks No.18 and 19. As part of the deal, they will also earn a future second-round pick from the Lions. They had already earned a future third-round selection from the Western Bulldogs and a fourth-round selection from North Melbourne, handing its own future fourth-round selection to Adelaide. They also received another future fourth-round pick from Brisbane, but gave it to North Melbourne as part of the Brown deal.

We say: In a canny bit of business, Melbourne effectively turned a contracted Preuss into Brown. He will partner Sam Weideman and Luke Jackson in a developing Demons forward line, following the bargain basement deal with North Melbourne. Hannan goes to the Western Bulldogs, but Melbourne improved its draft stocks following pick-swaps with Brisbane, Adelaide and Sydney. That enabled the Demons to complete another pick-swap late on Thursday evening with the Lions that saw them essentially earn dual first-round selections (pick No.18 and 19) for a future first-round pick. - Riley Beveridge

Grade: 8/10 (ranked 6th)

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Who left: Nil

Who arrived: Zac Williams, Adam Saad, Lachie Fogarty

2020 NAB AFL Draft picks: 38, 48, 78

Future picks: Carlton wasn't forced to dip into its future picks in deals to attract Williams, Saad or Fogarty. However, the Blues also didn't receive any future picks as part of their transactions.

We say: Carlton targeted speed and that's what they will get from Williams and Saad. The Blues have identified Williams as a burst player from midfield, while Saad will fill the void of the retired Kade Simpson off half-back. Fogarty's arrival will also provide a solid pressure forward. They gave up a fair portion of their draft capital to secure Saad, but will argue that the net gain is worth it – given they lured Williams as a free agent and paid no draft capital for his services. - Riley Beveridge

Grade: 8/10 (ranked 5th)

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Geelong Cats

Who left: Lachie Fogarty, Nakia Cockatoo,

Who arrived: Jeremy Cameron, Isaac Smith, Shaun Higgins

2020 NAB AFL Draft picks: 51, 96 

Future picks: While they sold the farm (picks 13, 15 and 20) at this year's NAB AFL Draft in the deal for Cameron, they were able to salvage it by nabbing two future second-round selections (one each tied to Essendon and GWS). They also held onto their own first-round pick. Throw in the future third-round selection (tied to Melbourne) they got in the deal for Cockatoo, it leaves the Cats with a super strong hand next season.

We say: It might have cost them an extra first-round pick on top on of what they were planning, but Cameron is through the door. And the two future second-round picks that come with him sets the Cats up for next season. Got Smith for nothing and Fogarty's departure helped the Cats move up to pick 30 that satisfied the Roos for Higgins. Move out two players who weren't in their best side and bring in three first-choice stars for another premiership tilt. - Mitch Cleary

Grade: 8/10 (ranked 4th)


Who left: -

Who arrived: Aliir Aliir, Orazio Fantasia

2020 NAB AFL Draft picks: 35, 47, 57, 59, 73, 95

Future picks: Trading 2021 picks was central to the Power deals, sending a future second-round selection to Sydney for Aliir and a future third to Essendon as part of the Fantasia deal. They retained their round-one pick next year but, at this stage, will have a lean hand.

We say: The Aliir coup shapes as a big win for the Power, who signed the defender to a four-year contract, completing their backline ahead of a premiership charge in 2021. They coughed up more than they wanted for Fantasia, eventually handing over a future third-round selection in addition to pick No.29. The upside is there, however, and the risk with Fantasia is worth it while the Power are in contention. Didn't get involved in much but got what they wanted. - Nathan Schmook

Grade: 8.5/10 (ranked 3rd)


St Kilda

Who left: Nick Hind

Who arrived: Brad Crouch, Shaun McKernan, Jack Higgins

2020 NAB AFL Draft picks: 21, 64, 67, 74, 93

Future picks: St Kilda gave its future second-round selection to Richmond as part of a deal that saw it secure Higgins, but also received a future fourth-round pick in return.

We say: St Kilda is again one of the big winners from the Trade Period. It bolstered its midfield by luring Crouch as a free agent, secured key position depth by signing McKernan, and added a key part of its future through a trade for Higgins. Although the Saints were forced to slide down the draft order to pick No.21 to secure Higgins, they kept their first-round draft choice – something the club had previously described as a "non-negotiable" during the Trade Period. Look out for the Saints in 2021. - Riley Beveridge

Grade: 9/10 (ranked 2nd)


Western Bulldogs

Who left: Lachie Young

Who arrived: Mitch Hannan, Stefan Martin, Adam Treloar

2020 NAB AFL Draft picks: 26, 33, 41, 42, 54, 90

Future picks: They gave away a future third-round pick for Melbourne goalkicker Hannan, and also a future second-round pick as a key part in the Treloar deal.

We say: Wow. Not only did the Bulldogs hold their nerve and keep the Bombers' bid for Josh Dunkley at bay, they also managed a last-minute deal to snag Adam Treloar from the Magpies to add serious speed to their midfield mix in exchange for essentially a future second-round pick. The pick 14 they sent to the Pies as part of that deal netted them No.26, 33 and 42 – which will give them more points to select highly-rated Academy talent Jamarra Ugle-Hagan. That pick was always on the move and eventually found a home as they searched for draft points. The Dogs targeted a ready-to-go mature ruckman to complement Tim English and picked up Brisbane's Stefan Martin in a three-way deal that saw them lose Young to North, while Hannan gives their forward line another dimension. The Dogs' list only got better in the exchange period, and will get better at next month's draft, too. Huge winners. - Callum Twomey

Grade: 10/10 (ranked 1st)